Apogen® is not a drug. It is a patented nutritional supplement concentrated and purified from proprietary strain FEM-101 microalgae, a healthful bluegreen algae so rich in nutrients that it is commonly called a superfood.

Apogen® does not kill viruses. Instead, it block viruses from entering our cells by creating a protective “firewall”, This firewall prevents the viruses from duplicating and make us fall sick.

Fig.A: Virus encounter the cell and attack the cell to duplicate
Fig. B: Apogen® forms a firewall to prevent the virus from attacking the cell and duplicate.
Apogen® are capable of inhibiting Enterovirus 71 (hand, foot & mouth disease), Coxsackie A16, Influenza A & B virus(flu virus), Rotavirus, Respiratory Syncytial virus & herpes virus.

Who should take Apogen®

  • Adults especially elderly people
  • Children with low immune system
  • People who wants to maintain good health a balanced nutrition level.